Sisters are flowers from different gardens.

Still working towards my goal of becoming better at photo editing, I have been recycling a few old photos of mine and adding a few Photoshop edits to make them shine!

As I started to work on this photo it just kept looking better and better! It helps that the composure was good to start with.
I ended up making two versions of this photo – one to send as a ‘thinking of you’ card and another to my sister! (She loves it when I send her things with ‘sisterly quotes’!)

I found this great quote which worked right into the theme of the image.

Here I converted the photo into black and white, added some honey brown and rose to the image, boosted the contrast and decreased the shadows. I added a textured layer (with some heart shapes), some text and my watermark!

Here are the before and after shots! What do you think?


Enjoy xx