My goal: becoming better at photo editing

I have made the goal of mastering photo editing in both Photoshop and Lightroom, (which are the programs that I have currently).

As I am committed to this goal I have been practicing everyday. Maybe a little too much, but that is what happens when I travel for three weeks without a computer – I get withdrawals!

A friend of mine has been helping me out with editing in Photoshop. I decided to edit a few photos that I posted on this blog late last year. I have the before and after compilations! What do you think? I think it gives them a more artistic look.




Tiny Snail

Just a quick snap that I wanted to share with you…


I was shooting my ‘H’ edition of my A-Z Fruit and Veg Photo Project over at Two Loves and saw this adorable little snail crawling on my herb bicycle I was using in the shoot.

I totally had the wrong lens on, but snapped it anyway…




Passion Presets

Passion fruit flowers are indeed uniquely bizarre. A flowering vine near my work caught my eye the other morning.

So bizarre, I didn’t know quite how to edit the photos. I was introduced to the editing presets in Lightroom 3, and I wanted to keep the alien like feel about the flowers.

I used the Colour Corrective – Direct Positive Preset.

Passion Fantasy
1/100 sec – f 5.6, ISO-200


Passion Layers
1/80 sec – f 8, ISO-200


Passion Flower
1/60 sec – f 5.6, ISO-200


So strange, yet so delicate…