Sisters are flowers from different gardens.

Still working towards my goal of becoming better at photo editing, I have been recycling a few old photos of mine and adding a few Photoshop edits to make them shine!

As I started to work on this photo it just kept looking better and better! It helps that the composure was good to start with.
I ended up making two versions of this photo – one to send as a ‘thinking of you’ card and another to my sister! (She loves it when I send her things with ‘sisterly quotes’!)

I found this great quote which worked right into the theme of the image.

Here I converted the photo into black and white, added some honey brown and rose to the image, boosted the contrast and decreased the shadows. I added a textured layer (with some heart shapes), some text and my watermark!

Here are the before and after shots! What do you think?


Enjoy xx


Outback Textures

A fellow blogger commented on my Desert Cars post that ‘Beauty can be found anywhere – it just takes the right person to find it’.

And even amongst the dry desert, beautiful textures can be found.

The world is your canvas.

Enjoy xx

Uluru Everchanging

As Uluru is a sacred Aboriginal site, when visiting the National Park you need to keep to designated roads and photo bays. Some photographers might be a little bit frustrated by this as their ability to find a new angle is quite limited. However the way the light changes on the rock is simply incredible as we have seen over the last few posts.

Here is a compilation of how the light can change over a matter an 2 hours!

I hope you have enjoyed my Uluru posts! xx

The Lazy Photographer at Uluru

On our last night at Uluru – Kata Tjuta National Park I was feeling pretty tired and had a bunch of shots of Uluru. As Matt ventured out to take photos I stayed in our campervan parked on the side of the road. This night however, the light looked different. I decided to set up my tripod next to the door of the van so I could continue to lie on the bed, warm in my sleeping bag!

This time I took some longer star trails just after sunset. I am glad I did – Uluru looked just magic.

Enjoy xx

Star-struck at Uluru

As the sun finally set at Uluru, the cold of the night began to set in. As everyone else got in their cars and made their way back to their campfires, Matt and I stayed to view the stars. We were the only ones there!

We stayed for an hour after sunset to capture Uluru in a different light – a light lit up by stars! Simply amazing.

This shot was taken about half an hour after sunset, when there was still enough light around to light up the rock.

As the park closing time approached, we quickly snapped a few last shots. By this time the light was well and truly gone and we were left with a lovely silhouette of the rock and the sky littered with stars!

This was actually my first attempt at capturing stars and star trails. Can’t imagine a better place for a first time!

Enjoy xx

Sunset Fading Fast at Uluru

As the sun approaches the horizon a brilliant red is painted on Uluru. There is only a small window each night when the red looks this good! It occurs when the foreground is completely in shadow. It is quite the sight to watch the shadows take over the rock!

This shot was taken at the Uluru sunset bay with about 100 plus other people all crowded into this one area. You would never imagine that there were so many eyes witnessing its beauty from this image. It makes me feel like I am the only one there!

Enjoy xx

Uluru Afternoon

Recently my partner and I travelled to Central Australia to visit the outback and the stunning natural wonder that is Uluru.

We were there for four days and each day we were up an hour and a half before sunrise to get our prime position to photograph the rock in the early morning light and we stayed in the park all day until after sunset. We were therefore able to get quite a range of shots. Over the next few posts I am going to share some of the beautiful shots I took at the Uluru – Kata Tjuta National Park.

This first photo was from our first afternoon. Just a regular day and a regular sky – a classic shot!

Enjoy xx