Star-struck at Uluru

As the sun finally set at Uluru, the cold of the night began to set in. As everyone else got in their cars and made their way back to their campfires, Matt and I stayed to view the stars. We were the only ones there!

We stayed for an hour after sunset to capture Uluru in a different light – a light lit up by stars! Simply amazing.

This shot was taken about half an hour after sunset, when there was still enough light around to light up the rock.

As the park closing time approached, we quickly snapped a few last shots. By this time the light was well and truly gone and we were left with a lovely silhouette of the rock and the sky littered with stars!

This was actually my first attempt at capturing stars and star trails. Can’t imagine a better place for a first time!

Enjoy xx


Sheffield – The Town of Murals

Sheffield is a quaint little town in northern Tasmania known for its murals. It is situated beside towns named No Where Else, Garden of Eden, Paradise and the Promised Land – no joke!

The town has over 60 murals painted on the sides of its buildings and has an annual mural fest with a unique art competition.

This cute little town was set against the mountainous Great Western Tiers on the way to the most famous National Park in Tasmania – Cradle Mountain. We enjoyed our firstĀ  night in this town with the stars shining above Mt Roland.

Their annual art competition kicked off this weekend just passed, so I thought I would share the murals that left a lasting impression on me.