Sunset Fading Fast at Uluru

As the sun approaches the horizon a brilliant red is painted on Uluru. There is only a small window each night when the red looks this good! It occurs when the foreground is completely in shadow. It is quite the sight to watch the shadows take over the rock!

This shot was taken at the Uluru sunset bay with about 100 plus other people all crowded into this one area. You would never imagine that there were so many eyes witnessing its beauty from this image. It makes me feel like I am the only one there!

Enjoy xx


Uluru Afternoon

Recently my partner and I travelled to Central Australia to visit the outback and the stunning natural wonder that is Uluru.

We were there for four days and each day we were up an hour and a half before sunrise to get our prime position to photograph the rock in the early morning light and we stayed in the park all day until after sunset. We were therefore able to get quite a range of shots. Over the next few posts I am going to share some of the beautiful shots I took at the Uluru – Kata Tjuta National Park.

This first photo was from our first afternoon. Just a regular day and a regular sky – a classic shot!

Enjoy xx

My goal: becoming better at photo editing

I have made the goal of mastering photo editing in both Photoshop and Lightroom, (which are the programs that I have currently).

As I am committed to this goal I have been practicing everyday. Maybe a little too much, but that is what happens when I travel for three weeks without a computer – I get withdrawals!

A friend of mine has been helping me out with editing in Photoshop. I decided to edit a few photos that I posted on this blog late last year. I have the before and after compilations! What do you think? I think it gives them a more artistic look.



This is a shot my the talent Matt Korinek, who captured the most incredible sunset I have ever witnessed. This is the colour just as I remember it – like a pink high-lighter exploded in the sky!

Korinek Photography | Blog

This image best viewed large : : click on the photo for a larger version.

Korinek Photography | Bruny Colour Explosion : : Bruny Island : : Tasmania, Australia

Bruny Colour Explosion
Bruny Island : : Tasmania, Australia

So what started off as a bit of colour, ended up turning into a vibrant mixture of every conceivable colour. I swung my tripod around from the previous view and training it on some of the headland in the distance. I used a long exposure to increase saturation, smooth out the water and give the whole scene a bit more movement.

Pretty incredible eh?

This photograph is available for purchase as a print.

120 sec at f11, ISO 200

All images Copyright 2012 – Matt Korinek : : Korinek Photography
Images cannot be used without explicit permission from Korinek Photography – All rights reserved

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A Few (Less Obvious) Photos From Paris

Falling for Paris


I visited the city of love in November 2009 and was lucky enough to spend two weeks in Paris with a local family. Paris is an incredible city. You can’t help but fall in love.

I have thousands of photos, most of them happy snaps. I wanted to share a few of my ‘less obvious’ photos of Paris that enable me to reminisce about good times, cold nights and stunning lights!


Sunset Arch

Paris Lights

Sunset Statue

The Eiffel Tower seems to be everywhere in Paris. It’s always visible. There are so many opportunities to get interesting and unique shots. Every night, I would look out my window and see the sparkle of the Eiffel Tower – magical.

Eerie Chandelier

Funny enough, I had an incredible number of photos of Chandeliers. Why? Because they are so beautiful, and admittedly everywhere! This reminds me of something out of Harry Potter.

Christmas Shopping

Probably the best public Christmas display I have ever seen. A few weeks later I was in New York and I was more impressed with this tree, (size and beauty) than the one at the Rockefeller Center. Maybe because it was pink?


A Few Days In The Bay of Fires

Bay of Fires Footprints


The Bay of Fires is located on the east coast of Tasmania and is 29km ribbon of sea, surf and white sand. This area was given its name by Captain Furneaux, who observed a vast stretch of fires along the coast as he sailed past in 1773.

Today it is the ideal place to camp in an idyllic beach setting and take in the picturesque view. Maybe even take a few photos!


Bay of Fires


Coloured Rocks Bay of Fires


Man and His Dog


Evening Reflection Bay of Fires


Moonlit Bay of Fires 1


Moonlit Bay of Fires 2


Australian Sunset: Part 5

Moana Beach, South Australia.

This day is going down as one of the best in my life! It was a very, very hot day and there was nothing else to do, but spend all day at the beach. The water was so inviting and we swum well into the evening, maybe even in between a few glasses of chilled adult beverages!

By the time this photo was taken, there was still hundreds people still at the beach enjoying this amazing sunset.



This is the 5th and final post in a series of sunsets captured on my 8 week road trip in Southern Australia.