My name is rachel jane and i believe happiness is where you find it!

I am a student in my mid twenties studying to be an educator. My fascination right now lies in neuroscience and how the brain learns, but one uni degree at a time – right?

I enjoy learning and making things. Over the past year I have really started to get into my hobbies, with cooking and photography at the forefront.

Like everyone else, I am finding the years are flying by. Therefore I feel it is essential we spend time doing what makes us happy…

What’s Sugar n Stripes about?

It’s about things I create, make and do. A space where I can share my projects and hobbies – when they eventually work! I was inspired to create a blog after reading a friend’s blog, but the idea initially came when I could not find certain recipes or crochet patterns online.

What to expect from Sugar n Stripes?

This space will play host to my recipes collections, photography, craft, travel and personal posts from time to time. The frequency of my posts is dependent on the success of my experimentation! Recipes and crochet patterns can certainly go awry.

I hope this space provides you with inspiration to do what makes you happy!

Follow me on Twitter!

I have two Twitter accounts, one for this blog @sugar_stripes and one for quotes and statements that spark my interest @shmachee.

You can also follow my food photography project



I'd love to hear from you!

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