Desert Cars

On a recent trip into the Australian Outback I saw a number of interesting cars – most of them were trashed and burnt out. I took the opportunity to photograph a few (that still looked like cars).

This first one is my favourite! It had a cool paint job that was slowly fading due to the harsh Australian sun. I edited the photo in Photoshop to enhance the ‘faded’ look.


This photo I edited with a textured layer to bring out the rusted and worn feeling that was written all over this car!

Enjoy! xx


5 thoughts on “Desert Cars

  1. Rachel Jane, there you go again! You have such an eye for seeing the beauty in things. I was just telling my 14 year-old last night that there is art in everything, it just takes the right person to see it and bring it out. šŸ™‚

    • šŸ™‚ that is a wonderful thing to say – there is art in everything. I am toying with ideas for a new name and I have this word I like and you kind of reconfirmed how much I like it when you said it takes the right person to bring it out!
      Does your child (not sure if daughter or son) like art/photography at all?

      • Well, I’m glad I could help! šŸ™‚ And thanks for the mention in that recent post – that made me smile. I have 4 sons and they all love art, music, and photography. The 3 older ones are all amazing musicians, the youngest wants to be, lol. With the advent of these amazing digital cameras – and yes, even phone cameras – it seems like this generation coming up has the freedom to play and learn taking pics without the worry of costly film. I think it’s producing an incredible amount of art in the world, don’t you? It’s also causing overload on our laptop harddrives in our house… oh well, a small price to pay. šŸ™‚ What’s next for you???

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