Australian Sunsets: Part 1

Bruny Island Sunset, Tasmania.

Capturing the sunset this night was the reason we ventured down to the mud flats of ‘The Neck’ on Bruny Island, Tasmania. While waiting for the sunset, we saw the Solider Crabs captured in my post An Evening in The Life of: Scurrying Solider Crabs Making Sand Patterns.

As the sun went down, the tide rolled in, making a perfect scene for captured coloured reflections…



This is post 1 of 5 of the sunsets I captured on my 8 week road trip in Southern Australia.


2 thoughts on “Australian Sunsets: Part 1

  1. I LOVE sunsets… The first one is awesome, on the second one I can feel the warm sun on my face and the third one is still deciding where it is going to go… I am eagerly waiting for the next post!

    • They are great aren’t they! I am surprised that I only had 5 sets from our 8 week road trip, but I guess not everyday sunset we tried to capture turned out the way we wanted it to, and I think I was a little lazy at times and just let my eyes capture the beauty. I love how you have described each of them! It will be tough to pick a favourite from the series – there are a few stunners to come!

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